Pain Relief Using Mind Coaching

Ease Severe or Chronic Pain with Hypnotherapy 

Hypnosis is an amazing tool that can be used to transform the way we feel pain within the body. There is a direct link between what you think and how your body behaves.

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Lady in bed with chronic back pain

Natural Pain Relief Through Positive Thinking

A positive attitude of someone who is ill or wounded will add to and complement any treatments they are receiving and aid their body’s healing. We also find that negative thoughts and feelings impact negatively on physical well being.

Stress is Connected to Cancer and Serious Illness

The effects of stress on anything from cancer or childbirth to irritable bowel syndrome are well documented and acknowledged.

Hypnosis can be used to reduce the pain and stress of both illness and the treatments to attempt to alter the balance within the body in the hope that it will improve the prognosis.

Man on sofa holding his neck due to pain

Natural Pain Relief for Child Birth

Using hypnosis can completely transform the child birth experience so that it is not traumatic but a joyous and positive one. Please see our HypnoBirthing® page to find out many more positive benefits that hypnotherapy will bring during your pregnancy and labour.

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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