Weight Control and Sugar Addiction

Lose Weight and Control Your Diet with Hypnosis

We know that the key to achieving your ideal weight is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and to exercise regularly. However, if you are battling with weight problems this is far from simple.

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Where Do Bad Eating Habits Come From?

It is often the case that eating habits are changed to compensate for an unhappy experience in the past.

Or it may be that your eating habits follow those of your parents who may have had their own issues.

Do Diets Work?

Diets only have a short term effect, as soon as the diet is over, most people will revert to their old eating habits and the weight comes straight back.

As a result a person with a weight problem has programmed their subconscious mind to eat in a particular way.

How To Achieve Long Term Weight Loss

To make lasting change of habits, above all we need to find and explore the source of the problem at a subconscious level, sometimes this is an issue that the conscious mind is no longer aware of.

Hypnotherapy can help you improve your eating habits for the long term so is likely to be far more effective than fad diets. 

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The Cycle of Sugar Addiction

  • You reach for sugar, it tastes good, you enjoy it, you crave it.
  • Blood sugar levels spike, Dopamine is released, mass insulin is secreted to drop blood sugar levels.
  • Blood sugar falls rapidly, high insulin levels cause immediate fat storage, and your body craves another high from sugar.
  • Low blood sugar levels lead to more cravings, and the cycle continues.

Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine

... and it is everywhere! Reprogram your mind to nourish and nurture your body, and within 2 weeks your taste-buds will change.

Sessions will be tailor-made and completely personalised to the individual along with advice for making ongoing change from nutritionist Antonia Jones.

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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