Help with Panic Attacks Using Mind Coaching

Overcome Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy, Breathing Techniques and CBT 

Panic attacks are petrifying for the sufferer, often creating an overwhelming sense of impending doom. If the attacks persistent over any length of time, the impact can be devastating to a person’s quality of life. Panic attacks can however be controlled and with time symptoms will lessen and often disappear.

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Symptoms of a Panic Attack 

Symptoms of a panic attack can include, sweating, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, pounding of the heart (sometimes climbing to 160 beats per minute), adrenaline flooding the body (sending it into the fear, flight or fight response) nausea, dizziness, hot or cold flushes and even fear of dying.

How to Control a Panic Attack

A combination of hypnotherapy, breathing techniques and CBT is used to provide you with coping strategies. With a little practice, theses coping mechanisms will guide you back into control of your mind and body. 

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Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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