Natural Pain and Stress Relief for Child Birth

If you are pregnant and are looking for a way to have a joyous and exciting birth then HypnoBirthing® is the answer. It is a completely different way of looking at childbirth from the way we are conditioned to believe.

Hannah is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing® practitioner. Contact Hannah to talk about how HypnoBirthing® can transform your child birth experience.

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An Alternative Approach to Antenatal Classes

HypnoBirthing® is taught in a relaxed class where you can learn about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for a Calm Birthing Experience

Birth is a normal, natural experience. Healthy women’s bodies are designed to grow and deliver healthy babies. The HypnoBirthing® course teaching the Mongon Method will provide you with all that you need to view birth as a positive, natural and exciting experience.

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Learn Child Birth Relaxation Techniques with HypnoBirthing®

Here are some of the valuable skills you will learn to enable a naturally relaxed and joyful pregnancy and child birth. 

  • How to be in control of birthing your baby, without fear or panic.
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for a calm birthing experience and if necessary, to get over any previously stressful birth.
  • How to relax through the labour using breathing techniques, positive visualisation and self-hypnosis.
  • How to reduce the need for any medication.
  • How to reduce your need for an episiotomy during the birth.
  • How to better understand your body and what is happening to it.
  • How to trust your instincts, (it is your body) and to empower you to have the birth you desire.
  • How to confidently discuss your options with medical staff and how to know when it is necessary for them to take charge.
  • How to work together birthing your baby as a team, as the birthing partner will become skilled in light touch massage and guiding you through relaxation.

What is HypnoBirthing®?

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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