Hypnotherapy Can Benefit You

Build your confidence, break bad habits & enjoy child birth

Hypnotherapy can help you to be the best that you can be, by ridding you of phobias, anxiety & depression or give up unwanted bad habits. It can boost confidence or enhance performance. HypnoBirthing can also help alleviate the trauma associated with labour & make child birth a relaxed & relatively comfortable experience.
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Coping with Coronavirus - Relieve Stress During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Many of you will be frustrated with the challenges that we are currently facing due to the Coronavirus. If you are struggling with having to change your routine and wash your hands more often, or if you are finding that you are becoming overwhelmed, obsessive and compulsive. Then don't worry, you won't have to leave your home, help is still available. 

I am still seeing clients by appointment over Facetime or Zoom and after an initial consultation, I will record and send a tailor made relaxation MP3 to your email so that you can listen at home and benefit from it day by day. As humans we have an incredible ability to adapt and evolve through difficult times, an appointment with Hannah can help you to find your way to being calm and positive.

Hypnotherapy Treatments

Here are some of the conditions and that hypnotherapy can help to alleviate, improve or cure. There are many ways in which hypnotherapy can improve your quality of life. 
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HypnoBirthing® is a refreshing and exciting approach to child birth. There are many benefits to HypnoBirthing® including pain management and stress relief throughout your pregnancy and during labour.
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Helping You Through the Menopause

Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful help for anybody who is experiencing unwanted symptoms due to the menopause. With a high success rate, hypnotherapy can improve many symptoms from hot flushes to sleeplessness.
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Breaking Bad Habits

Some habits can be quite damaging to us and are often hard to break. Hypnotherapy is fantastic in helping people to change their behaviour and leave unwanted habits behind.    
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Boost Your Self-Confidence

If you are lacking in self confidence generally, or perhaps have challenges you would like to conquer, hypnotherapy can be a brilliant aid. Improving self-confidence plays a fundamental role in personal development.
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Help with Depression

Depression is a very serious illness that will affect the majority of people at some stage in their lives. Using hypnotherapy to combat depression is a great alternative or complimentary therapy to modern medicine such as anti-depressants.
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Pain Relief and Control

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant way to help manage all kinds of pain. From bad backs to period pains, Hannah can help you develop a positive attitude pain management which will alleviate symptoms and help you to heal naturally.
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Help with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are terrifying for the sufferer and often create real physical symptoms as well as psychological ones. Panic attacks can be debilitating and can also lead to depression. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your panic attacks.
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Overcoming Phobias

Phobias are described as an excessive and irrational fear of an object, thing or situation. Phobias are a form of anxiety disorder which overwhelm sufferers with a sense of dread or panic. They can be helped using hypnotherapy to ease symptoms and overcome fear.
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Help with Diet and Weight Control

Hypnotherapy can help you to control your eating habits and lose weight. It can also help you overcome sugar addiction and other eating disorders. For many people losing weight is a real-life struggle, and obesity can have serious long-term health implications.
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Is Hypnotherapy for Me?

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and powerful way to treat many different conditions both physical and psychological. It can provide a wonderful natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines, and has a proven track record for relieving symptoms. Click below for our FAQ page.
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What Hannah's Clients Say . . .

  • "Hannah and her course were simply brilliant and had a huge positive impact on myself and my husband both in the run up to labour and during labour itself. Hannah took the fear element out of the experience and helped us focus on all the wonderful positives. We had a wonderfully quick and relaxed labour using the techniques and our baby boy arrived only 15 mins after arriving at the hospital! Perfect. Huge thanks to Hannah for everything she did for us."

    Charlie and Ben

  • "Having my first baby felt like an exciting but quite daunting prospect. Hannah was brilliant in teaching me many relaxation techniques which helped me feel calm and in control during labour. I am really pleased I did HypnoBirthing® with Hannah and she is definitely an asset to any mother to be!"


  • "Hannah was fantastic. Her calm and relaxed approach was easily transferred to us. She talked us through many relaxation techniques which really helped to take your mind off to another place. She taught us that the more relaxed we were the better we could cope with the task in hand."

    Anna, Streatham

What is HypnoBirthing®?

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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