How does it feel to be hypnotised?

Hypnotherapy should be a very relaxing experience, often likened to having a full body massage but without being touched. You can expect it to feel completely comfortable. Afterwards you can expect to feel calm and positive.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, anyone can (if they choose to be) hypnotised. As long as a client feels comfortable and relaxed with their therapist they have the ability to allow themselves to be led into a hypnotic trance. The client is always in control and if they choose to come out of the trance they can at any time.

Can hypnosis really help relieve pain?

The use of hypnosis to promote anaesthesia can be traced back to the work of Dr James Esdaille who in 1852 in India used hypnosis to carry out hundreds of operations in very poor conditions with great success.

Today, hypnosis is still used to great effect by qualified hypnotherapists to relieve or even eliminate any pain or discomfort their clients are suffering from. This has been shown to work very well with the pain associated with giving birth, and there are growing numbers of women using hypnosis as their only painkiller during their labour.

How many sessions will I need?

We will discuss this when we first meet and a goal will be set depending on what you are looking to achieve. Usually 3 or 4 sessions will be enough to have made a significant difference.

How much will it cost?

Each session costs £60 for a one-hour session.  If a home visit is required then the cost is £100.

HypnoBirthing is a course run over 5 sessions on either week day evenings (sessions are approximately 2 and a half hours long) or Saturday mornings, cost per couple is £320.  This includes all course materials, a HypnoBirthing CD, scripts that you can practice with at home, drinks and nibbles.

If you would prefer to learn the techniques whilst relaxing in the comfort of your own home, that can be arranged and the cost is £375.

Why choose a 5 session course?

Self hypnosis and deep relaxation are very effective tools. For you to be able use them when you are in labour is an acquired skill, that needs to be learned gradually in stages and practised in between sessions. This ensures that you have the time to develop the conditioned responses that make HypnoBirthing® so successful. There is no short cut, and this why we teach our course over 5 sessions.

Learning HypnoBirthing® over a day or weekend does not work as effectively to absorb and remember the techniques. The brain and body memory have a limited learning capacity, especially in pregnancy! It is for this reason that HypnoBirthing® is taught most effectively in 5 sessions.

Some couples may wish for additional support in the early stages of labour, this can be arranged at a cost of £50 per hour.

Where do you practice hypnotherapy?

I see clients in Marlborough, Pewsey, Hungerford and surrounding villages.

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

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