My Own HypnoBirthing Experience

June 15, 2010

HypnoBirthing® was a concept that I had heard mentioned but never really took much notice of. I was certainly dubious that anything could really be done to ease the agony apart from an epidural. My mother found childbirth hideous and I totally expected to feel the same. For my first baby that is exactly what happened. My labour went on for quite literally days, and in fact we were both in distress as he was pulled out. The experience left me feeling as though I had been hit by a bus and I knew I never wanted to experience anything like that again. When I became pregnant again I already understood the benefits of Hypnotherapy and couldn’t wait to find out how I could use this to my advantage during childbirth.

Learning HypnoBirthing® turned everything I understood about birth on its head, one woman on my training course told me that if she could give birth for a living then she would do it, she simply loved the experience. Initially I thought that she was slightly mad, but the more I learned and understood, the more it made perfect sense. The more relaxed and positive you can be, then your body can be allowed to function in the most natural way, the body knows what it needs to do and fear and can creat tension and pain. The knowledge that I had gained from the course meant we had the confidence to have a really gentle home birth. We were assisted by amazing midwives Natalie and Katrina who we were put in touch with by The Birth Centre, they helped to keep me calm and focused through the whole experience.

The benefits of my for me were many. No stitches, a fast and dignified labour and much quicker recovery as a result. My son was born in a really wonderful calm environment and I feel quite sure that the benefits of that will be felt in the long term. He has always been a wonderfully happy baby who loves to sleep! Now I feel very passionate about teaching others how to make the most out of giving birth and really hope that I can experience it again one day.

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