Exam stress

May 25, 2019

The summer term for many families brings with it the enormous stress of exam preparation. Whether we like it or not we all have to deal with taking exams at some point in our life be it at school, University or even our driving test. Whilst some take it like a walk in the park, for others it can bring about an enormous amount of stress or anxiety. Waking in the night, the inability to go to sleep, cold sweats, IBS, headaches are all associated with this type of stress and they can have an effect on the entire family. We all know that it is important to be calm and get plenty of sleep in advance of an exam but how is this possible when you feel so anxious?

Hypnotherapy can be a fantastic help during this unsettling period. It can help to keep the mind clear and focused, and allow us to accept new information into our memory without blocking learning with panic. Breathing and relaxation techniques can be taught that can have lifelong benefits. Confidence plays a huge role in keeping calm if we have ever felt confident in the past then we can learn to draw upon those feelings and restore them whenever we desire. It is also possible to take the subconscious mind on a ‘dress rehearsal’, if you feel that you have been there once already and taken the test then when the actual event happens it isn’t nearly as frightening. You don’t need to suffer through exams, take control and make it a positive experience. Call me for an informal chat about how to be the best you can be during your exams or driving test.

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